Labyrinth Maze


When I say the word Labyrinth where does your mind go? Are you thinking of the movie with David Bowie in it, which was about an ever changing Maze, or the more recent dark movie called Pan’s Labyrinth? Or does your mind go to the Greek Myth about Theseus and the Minotaur. His love Ariadne giving Theseus a ball of red fleece she was spinning, so that he could find his way back out to her after slaying the Minotaur.

What is the difference between a maze and a Labyrinth? Do you know that the two are often confused, and thought of as being the same?

A maze is more like a puzzle, that you have to use your left brain to think or PROBLEM solve your way out of. A maze is full of blind alleys, dead ends, and wrong turns. These cause you to have to back track, and recalculate starting over and over again, until you find your way back out.

A Labyrinth on the other hand is a single unicursal path which leads to a centre. There is no puzzle to solve, no dead ends, only a journey before you. The easily seen path allows the walker to navigate their way to the centre and back out again, through a series of left and right turns. A Labyrinth rather than being a problem to solve becomes a space to solve problems. To walk a Labyrinth is to walk your life. It is a metaphor for your life and how you live it.  The numerous 180 degree turns send you back in the direction you just came from, allowing your mind to flip/flop from thinking to feeling, thinking to feeling. Left brain, right brain, left brain, right brain. This brings your body and mind, into a state of balance, peace, and calm. To walk a Labyrinth is to walk in meditation.

The designs of Labyrinths are taken from nature herself. The oldest know dating back to over 4,000 years. These designs range from circular to square, and are made from stones, grass, rope, tile, and sand to name a few materials. (My mentor Robert Ferre when speaking at a school that was having a food drive even made one out of cans of Spaghetti O’s.)

I bet by now you are wondering what it is about a Labyrinth that is motivational?  Well, let’s look at it this way. How OPEN are you to RECEIVING? It may be a compliment or a gift, when it is not even a special occasion, or maybe even the really big one MONEY!

When you get a compliment is your automatic response to compliment the person back? Or do you brush it off? “ What this old thing?” or “It was nothing.”

A Labyrinth offers everyone whether walking with their feet, or tracing one with their fingers on a portable board, a place where they can receive. Besides what I have already talked about,

RECEIVE what you might ask? Receive yourself; meet yourself, the good parts, and the shadow parts. The Labyrinth allows us a place to receive GRACE - a place of quiet retreat from outside distractions and influences, in this multi tasking, high speed world.  A place of solace and reflection where one can recharge their inner batteries and be open to receive what is. To be in the NOW, in the moment!

So are your hands open, or closed right now. Are your fists clenched? Are you open to receive? Are you willing to let go of preconceived notions and ideas and take a walk with me? Are you ready to journey into yourself, to receive...... to just BE.....?


So come, and take a journey with me; a journey to the centre of the Labyrinth.

A journey to the centre of yourself..... and be open to receive.

Thank you.
Irma M. Haggith

Source: Speakers Gold Talk September 2009. Revised, Date: Sept. 8/09

Irma Haggith is a Labyrinth Emissary and coach. Her new business, A MAZE YOUR MIND LABYRINTH SOLUTIONS mission is to bring portable Labyrinth left and right handed finger walking boards to schools, hospitals, retirement homes, corporate executives, and the public in general. These boards are made from solid surface material which is heat, scratch, stain, and bacteria resistant. Services provided are the making of temporary Labyrinths for special events, and facilitating powerful insightful and enlightening Labyrinth walks. To learn more about her services and product line visit her website: