A Journey to Self Through the Labyrinth


There are those of you that know the power of the Labyrinth. There are also people that do not know anything about a Labyrinth. So let me start at the beginning.

Labyrinths are most often compared to mazes. The difference between a Labyrinth and a Maze is; a Maze is full of blind alleys, and dead ends. You have to use your brain, and your memory, to solve your way out. When walking a Labyrinth, whether using a finger walking board, or physically walking; it is about enjoying the journey, and being open to receive.

Labyrinths are found all over the world, in different shapes and sizes. The shape of a Labyrinth is a reflection of the many spirals found in nature. There is a Labyrinth design on a pot from Greece that dates back 3,200 years. The most famous Labyrinth is in Chartres, France. I had the opportunity to be there with 30 other pilgrims from all over the world, to visit this famous Labyrinth in its Cathedral home. This was one of the most magical experiences I have ever had. We were the only group in the church, and we were led in a side door, downstairs through the nave which was lit by votive candles all the way along. As we rounded a corner on the street level, the Labyrinth came into view, also outlined with votive candles. It took my breath away. The photo that I took that day is my favourite of the whole trip. Pilgrims who would visit the Cathedral would traverse the Labyrinth on their knees as a form of penance. I may, or may not be doing. Sometimes I will be inspired by my walk to write The centre represented their joining with God.

To me a Labyrinth walk is about a journey to self. In other words, walking a Labyrinth for me is a metaphor of how I live my life. So, each time that I walk I learn something about myself. Sometimes I get an insight about something that poems about the Labyrinth.

The experience of walking a Labyrinth is unique to everyone. When approaching the entrance set an intention for your walk. What do you want to receive from this experience? The more open that you are to receive, the greater your experience will be. Your walk is about being present for yourself. Walk without judgment, expectations, or pre-conceived ideas. As I walk the twists and turns of the circuits my life unfolds before me. Its path taking me close to the centre or perceived goal, only to take me far away from the centre on the next loop. For those of you that are impatient to reach your goals, this is something you will understand. Do you feel excited that your goal seems so close, only to get disappointed and frustrated when the next turn takes you far away?

How many times in your life has this happened? Did you give up on your goals because they did not come easily? The next circuit is a little shorter; the turns feel a little tighter. How do you feel when you start walking with confidence in one direction only to turn back and go the other way? How do you handle the challenges in your life, when you have to go back and start all over again? As the circuits get shorter and shorter, reflect on the goals that you have had in your life. Some goals you have achieved easily and quickly, others have taken longer and required much more effort. At long last when you are on the approach to the centre, what are you feeling? Are you happy, excited, or anxious? Stop, pause and reflect on your goal or your intention.

If you are walking a Chartres style of Labyrinth the centre has six petals. Is one of them calling to you? Each petal has a meaning to it. To the left of centre, this petal represents the mineral kingdom. The next petal represents plants, and all of the vegetation on the planet. Continuing clockwise the next petal represents the animal kingdom. Then you have the Human community, and the angelic kingdom. The last petal represents the Divine realm. So, be aware of what petal you are drawn to go to. Send your thoughts and prayers out to whatever that petal represents. Stay in the centre long enough to allow your head to clear and be open to receive any thought that is coming in.

When you are ready, begin your journey back out. If you are standing in the centre and thinking why can't I just leave now? Then you need to ask yourself how many times in your life have you left things unfinished? The journey out is just as important as the journey in. The difference is that you should be in a state of gratitude for the insights, or messages that you received on the way in. What have you experienced? What have you learned? When you get back to the beginning, before you leave the embrace of the Labyrinth; take a moment and turn and face the centre to thank the Labyrinth for your wonderful journey.

IrmaHaggith--Labyrinth EmissaryIt is highly recommended that you journal about your experience right after your walk. I would love to hear about your Labyrinth experiences. So feel free to email me at   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Thank you and enjoy your journey.

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